For Literary Agents, Publishers, and Editors (2023 Update)


Jennifer Semple Siegel is not currently actively seeking literary agent representation.

However, for more information about her work, interested parties are invited to check out her homepage:




jarvenpa said...

I wish I were an agent (um, a literary agent) but alas I am not. Your book looks to have great promise, and it is also fun to see that the Post Foetry site has gone on, with you and Alan and all (on the original foetry site you would have known me as mirsk). Well, maybe you would have.

Bugzita said...

Of course I remember you, Mirsk.

It's so good hearing from old Foetry friends. I have added a Foetry archive search feature on the blog, so old posts are just a click away.

Stop by and post a comment or two, maybe even become a team member.

Thanks for the encouragement!